Hoppers Cross-Country

About the Altius Nordic Ski Club

The Club's vision is to be the premier Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined ski club in North America. Just like the Olympic Motto "Citius, Altius, Fortius", the Altius Nordic Ski Club strives for its athletes to be Faster, Higher, Stronger.

The Altius Nordic Ski Club is the backbone of the National Training Centerat Canada Olympic Park. For more information go to Winsport Canada




Altius Year Round Entry Programs

The Ski Hoppers Program is the entry level, year-round program for young athletes ages eight and up. The program's focus is overall fitness and fun, while learning to jump and cross country ski. Other fun, endurance and strength-building team activities are included, like gymnastics, soccer, rollerblading, hiking, swimming, mountain biking, climbing, running, camping, and x-country and alpine ski trips. The program runs year round. Ski equipment is provided as part of the program cost. For more information call 403-630-9122 or email the Coach Alexey: alevich_ski@yahoo.ca

Jump 'n Fly League Testing

Altius does Jump 'n Fly League testing of all Hoppers athletes 4-5 times/year. There are 5 levels of testing: Level 1 - Rabbit; Level 2 - Antelope; Level 3 - Tiger; Level 4 - Seagull; Level 5 - Raven. Click on pictures to find out more:

rabbit antelope tiger seagull raven

Grasshoppers Summer Camps

Grasshoppers Summer Camps are tons of fun, with cross-training in jumping, running, swimming, mountain biking and more! If you're interested in the summer of 2011, contact Alex Levichev at 403-630-9122 or email: alevich_ski@yahoo.ca




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