Altius Nordic Ski Club is pleased to invite you to the 2017 Canadian National Ski Jumping Championships & 2017 Frozen Pipes Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Competition at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, AB on October 21st.

All are welcome. Parking is available under the big jumps at COP. The event starts with the trial round at 8:15 am on the K89 (formerly known as the 70 meter jump) and concludes at 1030 with the awards ceremony.

90M Women/Men National Championship

  • 8:15 trial
  • 9:00 first round of competition
  • 9:45 Final round 20 min following the completion of the first round.

Junior events:

  • K 63M – 10:45
  • K 18M – 11:30
  • K 38M – 12:00

Running Race 2:30 Cougar Ridge 

Note that this is an outdoor event. Please ask your guests to dress appropriately for the weather and wear boots or other suitable footwear.  The long term weather forecast looks good, to reach the best viewing areas requires a short walk down a slope that may be snow covered (it is Calgary after all) and could be slippery.

When no weather restrictions occurs, Jumping start times will be kept precise due to many other events same day